About Bog Oak

Thousands of years ago when the world wasn’t yet tainted by pollution, there was a wide variety of trees. standing tall with clean air, they had all the time of the world to grow tall and strong. oak trees are one of the strongest trees there are. they are firmly grounded with their roots and are in many religions a symbol for strength. But, as any living thing, also the mighty oak falls eventually. When this happens the tree eventually withers and leaves this world of the living. But some however, fall into water.. or water forms over them by the means of a riverflow changing, or a lake

forming. when that happens, the oak tree gets in a way a second chance to life. deprived of oxygen on the bottom, the wood undergoes a process of fossilization. with the never stopping flow of the water, a variety of minerals bind themselves to the tree, changing its colour and making the dead tree even stronger than it was in life. Different minerals and pressure of the water affect every tree in a different way. Making each bog tree unique. some of the trees we uncover now can be up to five or six thousand years old, as old as the pyramids. for centuries this process results in a colour alteration from golden-brown to completely black.

In order to revover this ‘wood-gold’ extensive preparations are needed. the trunks are located in conditions of total darkness, and it’s extraction marks its first exposure to light after centuries of entombment. This careful excavation can take up to five years. Because of this the process of saving the wood for further processing is a very delicate matter, and for this reason the price of quality is quite high.

Where do we come in?

We have been able to retrieve some high quality bog-oak from the banks of rivers in the beautifull romania. We have had experts date the wood. They do this by the means of carbon-dating. The different minerals found in the tree, and the way they are can be dated. For this we get a C14 Data Carbon certificate authenticating the age of the wood up to 7000 years old. We exported this wood with great care to the Netherlands. Here we are able to give this thousands years old wood a new purpose in modern life.

Because of the strength, this wood is suited for any application possible. Think about woodpanels for floors, beautiful characteristic sinks for in your bathroom, exclusive tables in any size. In other words.. any unique piece can make your house unique.

Please feel free to take a look on this website to see what the bog oak has to offer for you in any way possible. We provide end products, but also take special requests. Of course it is also possible to buy a piece of bog oak if you need a piece to work on yourself.

Specialized – in design and hand work creation, custom Tables, Kitchens, wall panels, shelves, housing bathrooms and hand made  sinks, yacht sinks and bars, floors and any customer requirement.

Skills – In Perfection, and production of Deluxe Furniture and wood art.
Experienced – To bring to life and make the beasty shine and offer the Unique The Best in E-proxy Coatings

The Resign uv Epoxy resin we use, is a high quality epoxy casting resin with a very high UV resistance and transparency. This UV casting resin has been specially developed to prevent long-term discoloration by sunlight.  The quality of the resin is a lot higher, and offer  best results.

Mat & High Gloss Lack  Coatings finishing

-Extremely hard and resistant 2-component clear lacquer with UV filter. It offers particularly good scratch, impact and abrasion resistance. Due to the very good weather resistance, the high-gloss finish is retained for a long time, even in the sun or outside long expose.

Polishing Technik – Using a medium pressure & work the product until a transparent film appears, indicating the active particles have broken down.

This micro polishing process is a high-gloss anti hologram polish from new generation products, which permanently remove holograms, scratches as big as grain in 3000-6000  for  all our products with high-gloss surfaces,

knowledge and skills for  Polishing to the highest perfection result of Crystal Clear shine with a perfect Mirror effect finish (Diamond shine) Offering throw hard work and unique  Skills,  the best results of Luxury Quality furniture,  We deliver the Unique micro perfection quality,

Protection – Innovation- Using  a new innovation   molecule anti screech  surface protection.

This was possible due to our constant focus on growing ourselves into a dynamic organization and giving that attention to detail and perfect ourselves. Our prime objective is to  produce and offer top quality  and offer the  Unique , at the Highest perfect finishing.

To Make Sure, that our customers fall in love and discover the beauty of this amazing Black Bog Oak Gold wood and appreciate the hard work and love we put in….

Finishing Coatings – Natural Oil furnishing soft wood touch  finishing. natural oil  in mat or semi gloss finish and or polished to High Gloss finish.

Natural B-Wax and any kind of finishing  requested. We discover and bring to  life  the History Oak. and offer  the Luxury Elegance.

Collaboration : We work with different companies and carpenters to build and create private and business projects, private housing, hotels, restaurants, clubs, luxury custom made, yachts, luxury gold projects and special requests. Our goal To Bring Back , What we lost. discover and Make the  Diamond shine.

Black Bog Oak Gold will surprise you with our collection Black Bog Oak Gold Deluxe 2021. By MS Design

Formation process

Bog-wood is created from the trunks of trees that have lain in bogs, and bog-like conditions such as lakes, river bottoms and swamps, for centuries and even millennia. Deprived of oxygen, the wood undergoes the process of fossilization and morta formation.

Water flow and depth play a special role in the creation of morta. Currents bind the minerals and iron in the water with tannins in the wood, naturally staining the wood in the process. This centuries-long process, often termed “maturation,” turns the wood from golden-brown to completely black, while increasing its hardness to such a level that it can only be carved with the use of specialty cutting tools.

While the time necessary for the oak to transform into abonos varies, the “maturation” commonly lasts thousands of years. Due to the ecological reasons mentioned above, no two trunks can be found of the same color.

Trow  a difficult and  dangerous  and high costs process of excavating and  extracting our trees, Procesing  cuting and draining  in a natural environment  , controlling  with very special attention  the whole process for more then 5 years , to be able to work and produce the best special luxury  unique items for you .

Like Gold  , this black gold is the most valuable  metals discovered on earth , like  Diamond the most expensive Mineral. The Bog Oak Morta, is the most rare and most expensive  wood on earth.
Bog Oak is a unique material made by nature…from trees that have been buried deep in the sand and mud, for centuries and even  millennia,  in lakes, rivers bottoms and swamps we discover the history With out  oxygen, the wood undergoes the process of fossilization and morta formation.
Bog-wood represents the early stages in the fossilisation of wood, over a period of many millions of years.

With kind regards,
The Bog Oak Infinity team.